I looooove Spring. These early mornings when the sun rises warm and golden behind the still bare trees, and kisses the mirabelle blossoms. When Mr. Frost has covered the land with white, sparkeling crystal kisses as traces of these desperate encounters with his love Miss Spring. They are a beautiful couple, and yet their time […]

Pirate painting

No, I do not illigally copy other artist’s work, or copy in any other way. The pirate theme is due to a minor accident in my garden the other day. I was trying to dig up a small tree, – really small treel, so small it should rather be called a bush, or three twigs […]

The Woman Who Collected Signs

It all started one summer morning. The sun shone through the open window, showering my room in a golden light, and made the brim of the clouds look like burning red iron hammered out with the most delicate tools of the heavens. My love lay sleeping, his kindness and love obvious to me in his […]

Getting ready

There are few things in this world as beautiful as a sunrise. Some would argue that the difference between a sunrise and a sunset isn’t that significant. I find it is. On a normal day I wake up around 7 or 8 am, and rarely see the sun rise and part the darkness with the […]

Traveling again

Sketch from the Coast of Cornwall Last month I went to England to do a proformance in Cambridge and give a workshop on how to create pictures with words. It was fun and very exciting, and mixed up with a long hike in Cornwall as I wrote previously. This month I am going to Austria […]

Back in England

It was midwinter, when I bought two tickets to Eddie Izzard’s show at the Eden Project in Cornwall. I could have seen his show in Denmark, but it was the perfect excuse to travel to Cornwall again. Cornwall equals breathtaking beauty to me, and cream tea with scones, clotted cream and jam. So with the […]